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More about the patterns - what's inside, printing....

All counted cross stitch patterns on this site are in PDF format. You may open and print them using Acrobat Reader. All patterns are zipped and must be unzipped before use, as shown in the Unzipping Cross Stitch Patterns tutorial.

Each pattern includes a separate file with it's picture, floss list and sizes in 11, 14, 16 and 18 counts. Each pattern also includes two versions of chart - one in color, and one in black and white. Here is a small screenshot, demonstration how each type of chart looks:

Counted Cross Stitch Pattern - Sample Chart Screenshot

Printing the patterns:

To print the patterns, you first must download them to your PC and unzip them. After you do these two steps, you may open the patterns using Acrobat Reader and print them out. To do this, you need to have the free Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

To open and print the patterns, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the folder where the patterns are stored (in our case - folder called "VioletsCHART" on drive C:\). Double click on that folder to see all of the pattern files:

Folder with Embroidery Patterns and Designs
All Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns in Design Folder

2. Decide which chart version you prefer to print - the Color Chart, or the Black and White chart. Mark an appropriate file with your mouse cursor, and double click on it. The pattern should open in the Acrobat Reader program:

Choose Embroidery Pattern to Print
Pattern Opened in PDF Format

3. Click "File" --> "Print", using the top grey menu of Acrobat Reader: Choose Printing Option

4. You will see a small pop-up window open with various printing settings. Select the appropriate printer device (if you have more than one), make sure that your printer is connected to computer and is turned on, and click "OK" (grey button at the bottom of that pop-up window). That's it! The pattern will print out in the appropriate size, comfortable for reading stitches.

Choose Printer and Printing Settings

Repeat the same steps with the floss list...

Hope you have a most wonderful day & happy stitching!

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